Diploma in Health and Fitness

The Health and Fitness Diploma has a range of qualifications that will make you stand out as a fitness professional, you will be fully qualified as a Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer and Health and Wellbeing practitioner

Entry Requirements

  • There are no specific entry requirements

  • There is also an element of communication (discussing, presenting, reading and writing) involved and learners should have basic skills in communication pitched at level 2

The qualification comprises of 9 mandatory units and a minimum of 12 optional unit:

Unit Unit Title
Unit 1 Skills for entering employment
Unit 2 Skills for employment interviews
Unit 3 Employment rights and responsibilities
Unit 4 Principles of anatomy, physiology and fitness
Unit 5 Professionalism and customer care for fitness instructors
Unit 6 Health and safety in the fitness environment
Unit 7 Conducting client consultations to support positive behaviour change
Unit 8 Planning and instructing gym-based exercise
Unit 9 Lifestyle management for health and well-being
Unit 10 Mental health awareness
Unit 11 Mental health first aid
Unit 12 Promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity
Unit 13 Working with communities to promote and support active healthy lifestyles
Unit 14 Understanding nutrition for healthy eating
Unit 15 Smoking awareness and cessation
Unit 16 Alcohol awareness
Unit 17 Applied anatomy and physiology for exercise, health and fitness
Unit 18 The principles of nutrition and their application to exercise and health
Unit 19 Understanding lifestyle, health, well-being and common medical conditions
Unit 20 Delivering client consultations and health and fitness assessments
Unit 21 Personal training for individuals and groups in a range of environments
Unit 22 Professionalism and business acumen for personal trainers

Successful achievement of all 22 units must be accomplished for the full qualification.

For the full qualification guidance syllabus please click here.

What jobs can I do with this qualification?

Physical education and school sport professional e.g.

  • Personal Trainer
  • Health and Well-being practitioner
  • Fitness Instructor
  • If you have any questions relating to the course or funding options, then please contact our office on Tel:  0121 7131661 or email:  info@skillwise.biz.